Essie Make Us Go Bold This Summer With Neon Nails

With winter long behind us it is time to shed our dull shades and liven things up a bit. We all love to be bold when the summer months descend and there is no better way to incorporate a bit of colour into your outfit than with some nail polish.

This season is all about being strong, bright and distinctive, and if there were one time to incorporate neon into your style then it would be right now and with anything you wear. Neon may be an intimidating trend to jump onboard with and it might be quite the contrast from your usual style but by incorporating it with nail polish you are able to do so in a comfortable and fun fashion. But lets be fair, there will always be those who sit comfortably on the fence with pastels and gentler tones but for those who like to have fun and be expressive then this is the trend for you. The big celebrities may be leading this trend but there is there is no better collection out there that does this than Essie’s 2014 Neon Nails.

essie-nail-polish-bridalNow neon might not immediately strike you as a particularly attractive or beautiful colour scheme but given half a chance you will see that the neon shades we are seeing on store shelves are actually very pretty.

As for Essie’s neon range, the brand is currently going by the slogan ‘Too Taboo’ and it is a pretty accurate statement, the collection is set to go perfectly with an unstoppable attitude. For a long time Essie has been seen as the ultimate colour authority that offers a line of superior nail polishes. What you will find from each shade of this neon collection is that each is fashion-forward and contains the brand’s exclusive award winning formula. Regardless of the idea of harsh ‘neon’ shades, each of the products is classic and has an elegance that makes you want to wear them rather than just understanding they are part of a trend.

A personal favourite of ours from this collection is Essie’s Serial Shopper colour, a bright orange that would work perfectly when teamed with block coloured clothes such as monochromes. The colour itself is a little more muted than a lot of the others from the collection and is a breeze to apply.

We’re also pretty keen on the suitably named ‘I’m Addicted’ colour, which is an aqua blue shade. Once again it is perhaps for those who want to embrace the neon trend but don’t want to go too overboard with it in terms of boldness. That being said it is still one of the brighter colours in the collection and a must for anyone who loves blue nail polish!

Essie continue to create some top collections and this is another welcome addition to it. While they might not be the most ‘neon’ of neons as we usually associate neon with colours and shades that are almost uncomfortably bright, they are on our preferred side of the spectrum.

Common Glam Glow Mud Mask Questions Answered

glam glow 3The popularity of the Glam Glow mud mask has skyrocketed after it has been endorsed by Hollywood celebrities and the top fashion magazines in the world. It is natural to ask yourself whether it is really that good. Its effectiveness is due to the combination of exfoliating, moisturising, nourishing and protective ingredients in its formula. Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about this product. Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Can Glam Glow be used by people with sensitive skin?

Yes, this mud mask is suitable for people of all skin types. It uses super fine particles to provide gentle exfoliation. You should not worry about the common abrasive effect on the skin. It has natural ingredients chamomile and cucumber extracts which have a potent soothing and calming effect. It should not cause redness or irritation when used properly.

Is there a risk of pore clogging?

No, there isn’t such a risk. The mask provides deep exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells which clog the pores. It acts as a sponge and picks up the excess sebum as well. It has a potent anti-bacterial effect thanks to ingredients like azelaic acid, marigold and peppermint.

Can Glam Glow dry my skin?

This is impossible. The mud mask has a potent hydrating effect which you will feel for days rather than for hours. It is important to note that it removes only the excess sebum which clogs the pores. It will not work to extract the oils which give the skin its plumpness and natural smoothness and radiance. glam glow 4

How often should the mud mask be applied?

Given the potent effect of the mask, you should use it once every two weeks or once every week for best results. More frequent use is typically not necessary. If you have any particular skin problem, you should consult a dermatologist about its use.

Enjoy using the Glam Glow mud mask for getting perfect skin.

Dr Perricone Skin Care for Defying Ageing

dr perricone 1The main thing which makes the Dr Perricone skin care products stand out is their advanced scientific formulation based on extensive research. If you want cosmetics which use the latest and greatest achievements of science, this is the right brand for you. The brand’s specialisation is in anti-ageing treatments. Find out what it has to offer.

There is a range of Dr Perricone products that can be used for reducing creases and wrinkles and for tightening, plumping and rejuvenating the skin. The first step in the treatment can be the Neuropeptide Facial Cleanser. It provides deep cleansing to remove impurities and toxins which lead to imperfections. It leaves the skin super soft and protected by potent antioxidants, which work to fight the free radicals causing cell damage and consequently ageing.

The Neuropeptide Facial Conformer is a truly revolutionary anti-ageing treatment developed by Dr Perricone. The neuropeptides in the formula stimulate the natural skin replenishment to reduce wrinkles and make the skin tighter and smoother while giving it a more even tone. The other ingredients in the formula work to nourish the skin and to give it antioxidant protection. In a product trial, 89% of participants enjoyed reduction of ageing spots while 84% experienced wrinkle reduction.

The Deep Wrinkle Serum of the brand is another anti-ageing treatment which can provide great improvement to the texture and overall health of your skin. It contains 4 different peptides which have an effect comparable to that of Botox but without the pain and discomfort. It improves the elasticity of the skin naturally. It hydrates and nurtures the skin deeply. In a consumer study, 90% of participants reported reduced lines and wrinkles and more elastic, smoother and more radiant skin. dr perricone 2

Finally, in order to treat the signs of ageing in the eye area, you can use the Dr Perricone Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, eliminates dark circles and puffiness and makes the skin around the eyes tighter.

Perricone UK – Find the Right Technology to Deal with Your Skin Problem

The popularity of the Perricone UK skincare products can be explained with the fact that they are all based on innovative technologies which have well-rounded action and which have been tested and proven to work. The technologies are clinically developed by a team of experts led by Dr. Perricone, a leading dermatologist whose work has been recognised worldwide. You will certainly find one that will help you with your particular skin problem effectively.

Perricone UK

Cold Plasma is one of the most innovative technologies introduced by Perricone UK. It uses a unique system for delivering nutrients to the skin so that it can function optimally and get rejuvenated completely. It works to fix the ten most common signs of ageing including saggy and dry skin, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation.


The patented DMAE technology works to counter the loss of skin elasticity which has actually been found to start in the mid 20′s. It prevents elasticity loss and corrects the effects of this phenomenon at the same time. It gives you firmer and smoother skin which looks younger and more radiant.


The Acyl-Gluthatione technology of Perricone UK delivers antioxidants to the skin. They work effectively to fight the free radicals which cause cell damage leading to wrinkles and saggy skin. Your face will be perfectly well protected. You will enjoy perfect skin smoothness.


Vitamin C Ester is another technology used in various products of the brand. Its job is to repair the damage caused to the skin by the UV radiation of the sun. The skin’s tone becomes more even. The skin is also smoother and glowing. It is visibly firmer as well.

Do not wait for your skin problem to become worse. Take action now. Use the appropriate technology from Perricone UK to fix it timely and effectively. You will enjoy beautiful and healthy skin which will be much younger looking as well.


Dr Hauschka – Luxury Skin Care Products for Skin Health and Beauty

With nearly 80 years of experience and tradition, the Dr Hauschka cosmetic brand is one of the more renowned in the world. The company is dedicated to formulating luxury skin care products which contain only natural and safe ingredients. If you believe that beauty comes from nature, you will certainly be fascinated with what the brand has to offer. You will find everything you need for every day care to the skin and for resolving particular problems.

Dr Hauschka1

You can readily enjoy comprehensive skin care with the Dr Hauschka products. For getting perfectly clean and refreshed skin, you can use the Cleansing Milk and then the Cleansing Cream of the brand. For deep pore cleaning and gentle skin resurfacing, you will need the Cleansing Clay Mask. The brand is known for offering fabulous toning treatments. You can readily go for the Daily Face Care Kit designed for home use.


Moisturising is an important part of the daily skin care ritual. Dr Hauschka offers a variety of products designed for different skin types and for use in case of specific skin problems. You can readily go for the Moisturising Day Cream which revitalises dehydrated skin, for the deeply hydrating Rose Day Cream or for the Translucent Bronze Concentrate which gives you a great sun kissed look.


In the night care product range of the brand, you will find a variety of treatments for various types of skin problems. Some of the main options include Intensive Treatment 01 for blemished skin, Intensive Treatment 03 for hypersensitive skin, Intensive Treatment 04 for mature skin and Intensive Treatment 05 for rejuvenating the skin after menopause.

Dr Hauschka2

The Regenerating Serum is another great product in the range. It works to stimulate natural skin replenishment. It tones and firms the skin as well.


Let the Dr Hauschka skin care products take care of you and give you the best looks and long term skin health.


The Best Selling Alpha H Skincare Products

The cosmetics of Alpha H enjoy great popularity because of their safe formulation producing effective results. Each and every product is formulated and prepared with the utmost care and with the needs of the user in mind. You will love the simplicity of the cosmetics. If you are not sure what you want to buy from the product range of the brand, you may want to check out some of the current top sellers.

alpha h skincare

The Alpha H Balancing Cleanser is a best seller and award-winner. It not only removes makeup effectively from the skin with a few gentle strokes of the cotton bud but also provides deep nurturing. It has vitamin E which nourishes and protects the skin from UV and oxidative damage. It has aloe vera which has a soothing effect. After the cleaning, your skin will restore its natural pH balance and stay smooth, plump and firm.


The Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 30+ of the brand is a must-have product. It works to provide deep natural hydration and to prevent the loss of collagen fibres. It gives you effective protection from UV radiation and as well. You will enjoy smooth and bright complexion free of fine lines, wrinkles and ageing spots.


The Essential Hydration Cream of Alpha H is worth trying as well. It uses minerals, plant-extracted oils and fatty acids to provide relief from irritation and to deal with the most common signs of skin sensitivity including redness and broken capillaries. The cream is extremely gentle. It does not use glycol or any other acidic ingredient which may cause further irritation.

alpha h skincare1

Liquid Gold is undoubtedly the most popular product of the brand and winner of top awards. It is a natural resurfacing treatment which works to remove all kinds of imperfections from wrinkles and ageing spots to acne scars. It is quite potent and produces excellent results.


Consider these and other great Alpha H products for comprehensive and effective skincare.



Sunday Riley Good Genes – One Treatment for All Signs of Ageing

The way in which your complexion changes over the years depends on various external factors and on your genes as well. With the Sunday Riley Good Genes treatment, you can automatically get the effect of good genes as far as skin health and appearance are concerned. This treatment can be used as a serum or mixed with the Ceramic Slip cleanser or Ceramic Cream cleanser of the brand and used as a mask. In any case, you will enjoy all of its beneficial effects.

sunday riley good genes

The Sunday Riley Good Genes treatment works to reduce the number and depth of fine lines and wrinkles, to eliminate hyper-pigmentation, to make the skin tone even and to make the skin firmer, stronger and more resistant to the environmental impacts which are dangerous for it. Basically, it counters all the signs of ageing. This comprehensive effect is achieved with the work of the treatment’s active ingredients.


Un-neutralised lactic acids is the main ingredient of Sunday Riley Good Genes. It works to resurface the skin gently and, in this way, to stimulate the production of collagen. As a result, the dead skin cells from the topmost layer are removed while health and strong new ones grow in their place. This makes the skin much smoother, firmer and younger looking. The fine lines and wrinkles are greatly reduced or disappear completely.


Squalene is another important active ingredient of Sunday Riley Good Genes. It stimulates the natural repair of the skin barrier. That way, it helps the skin stay protected from all harmful environmental effects and retain its natural hydration. The yeast extract in the formula makes the skin healthier and stronger.

 sunday riley good genes1

Liquorice is another active ingredient of the treatment. Its job is to brighten the skin tone naturally. It reduces hyper-pigmentation as well. Another benefit of this ingredient is that it has an anti-inflammatory effect. This helps the skin stay healthy and beautiful.


Make full use of the Sunday Riley Good Genes treatment for getting a completely rejuvenated look.








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